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Hello. I’m Ben Abernethy, and I’m an app developer based in Liverpool, UK.

Prior to becoming an app developer, I worked as an online marketer. This experience now provides me with a unique perspective when developing projects, as I maintain a strict user-first perspective.

A user-first mentality ensures I always have the end-user (the real people who’ll be using your application) in mind.


Why do I develop apps?

I’ve been building websites since the age of 12, and have been passionate about online technologies and marketing for as long as I can remember. Being able to code was my biggest goal, and I find coding apps to be the ideal blend of creativity and logic. I’m fortunate to have been able to transform what I find fulfilling into a meaningful career.


Who do I develop apps for?

I create apps for business owners and leaders who have a mission worth caring about. Rather than working for a large-scale agency, I much prefer having a more hands-on approach and interacting with clients in-person. Hence offering a 1-1 app development service. I find it far more beneficial to develop strong professional relationships with clients, as their ambition and energy for their own projects can then be reflected within the development of the app.


What is the app development process like?

Getting an app developed is a relatively large endeavour for any business owner. It’s an important and exciting step forward, which is why I go to lengths to ensure you understand as much of the process as possible. I maintain a conversational and professional tone, explaining things in a straightforward way. From initial ideas, though to development, testing and launch, I keep you informed and updated.


Want to find out more?

If you’d like to chat to discuss a new app project, then please use the contact page. Alternatively, please find me on LinkedIn by clicking here

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